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Serambi (
          A pronounced covered shelter commonly found in the entrances of traditional Malay kampung houses; often raised above the ground but lower than the main house. It serves as a significant space for social interaction between guests and the owner. In other words, welcome to Wan's Ubin Journal's brand-new homepage!


Who's Wan and why does he have a journal about Pulau Ubin? Find out more about who I am here!


I write articles from time to time that talks about my findings, adventures and stories as I trace back my family heritage and re-establish long-lost ties with the Ubin community, here!


Find out more about WUJ's first community outreach initiative and how you can join in to play your part in conserving and celebrating Ubin's unique kampung community, culture and heritage with me, here!

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I'm on a quest to trace back my family roots and heritage - and all the findings I've made specifically about my genealogy can be found here!

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