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The Penghulu of Kampung Sungei Durian

Haji Salleh bin Haji Abdul Rahim was the former headman of Kampung Sungei Durian, Pulau Ubin, from 1961 to 1962. I met his son, Haji Abdul Malek bin Haji Salleh, to learn more; Haji Salleh was believed to have been born in Kampung Bugis near Sungei Kallang. He moved into Pulau Ubin upon marrying a resident there, Hajjah Esah binti Keleh. Haji Salleh adorned in his Baju Melayu.  Photo courtesy of Haji Abdul Malek. Haji Salleh was appointed to become the penghulu (headman) of Kampung Sungei Durian by Engku Ahmad; the penghulu  of Pulau Tekong whose jurisdiction covered all of the Northeastern Islands; namely Tekong Besar, Tekong Kechil, Sajahat Besar, Sajahat Kechil, Unum, Sanyongkong, Seranggong (present-day Coney Island), Ketam, Sekudu and Ubin. Engku Ahmad was also believed to have been a descendant of royalty, having been the grandson of Tengku Abdul Jalil, son of Sultan Hussain Muazzam Shah, the sultan of Johor-Singapore from 1819 to 1835. Tengku Abdul Jalil was assigned to rule ove