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6 Reasons Why You Should Come Join Our Homecoming Event On November 11th

Hi All! Most of you who would have followed me on my social media would probably have already known by now that something major is coming real soon, like as of the time I'm writing this post out - it's like less than 5 days from now! In fact, right above this post in WUJ's header, there's even a countdown widget just for that very event. So, you might be wondering, why exactly is the event this coming Sunday, November 11th a very big deal? Well let me tell you 6 reasons why: 1. It's historic! Image source: GIPHY Following the eviction back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, many of these residents had never returned back home on the island. So for the first time in almost three decades, many of these people will be reunited once again with their neighbours, friends and family right back at where they lived a significant part of their lives in! 2. Traditional Games! Image source: GIPHY Gasing, congkak, five stones, marbles, chapteh;