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WUJ Kampong Clean-Up Mar '19

Hi All! This post will be sharing on the experiences we had on WUJ's 3rd Kampong Clean-Up held last Saturday on March 30th, 2019. Enjoy! It was a very wet day in Singapore, probably the first few mornings of 2019 where lightning were flashing in the wee hours and rain pouring everywhere else in the country. I was a tad bit concerned of course, fearing if the inclement weather would persist and cause a huge hindrance to our cleanup project for the day. But praises be to God, it was not meant to be. In fact, as I scanned through the weather app, believe it or not, only Pulau Ubin remained free from any rain that very day and we were able to conduct our cleanup dry and peacefully, hehe. I was very touched and humbled to see many familiar faces this time round, most of whom were part of our inaugural cleanup last January. They even brought their friends along too and everyone got to make new ones on that day as well. Among those who joined us on that day was a very sp