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ANNOUNCEMENT: WUJ wishes everyone a Happy Ubin Day 2020! WUJ launches "WUJ Wan Go Jalan? (Virtually)" in conjunction with Pesta Ubin 2020 and Ubin Day 2020 celebrations Play your part in fighting COVID-19: Be socially responsible, uphold strict personal hygiene and social distancing measures

WUJ Kampong Clean-Up Aug '19

Hi all, WUJ Kampong Clean-Up Aug '19 took place on August 31st, 2019 and this post will be sharing all about it! Today was also Malaysia's 62nd National Day so I'd like to wish my readers, fans and friends from across the causeway, Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke-62! Joining me today were 3 wonderful people whose interest and enthusiasm for Ubin's heritage were pretty intense! Although they were more experienced in other clean-ups such coastal and forest ones, I could really say their spirit for a kampong clean-up, which they have never done before, was totally admirable, too! There were Ubin residents who joined us, too! Cik Rosmala and Sulaiman came down to play their part for keeping their beloved kampong clean. There is always a great vibe when we have residents around with me as we walked to the kampong, as they would have far more stories to share with the participants, and it's also a great opportunity for me to learn new stories

Berita Harian: Pemulihara Warisan; Anak muda penjaga Pulau Ubin

The following newspaper article is in Bahasa Melayu. For an English translation where this post was based on, please click here . Encik Syazwan (berduduk di hadapan, kedua dari kiri) semasa pembersihan kampung bulanan yang dianjurkannya. Kemeriahan begitu terasa apabila anak-anak bandar dapat berkunjung ke kampung. Foto oleh Majulah Community ***NOTIS: Terdapat beberapa percanggahan di dalam artikel ini, seperti orang lain digambarkan sebagai diri saya dan juga perkataan-perkataan yang tidak begitu setaraf pengunaannya. Oleh sedemikian, artikel ini telah disuntingkan oleh saya demi menyampaikan akhbar yang tepat dan benar.*** SEBAGAI seorang kanak-kanak, Encik Syazwan Majid tidak dihiburkan dengan cerita-cerita dongeng atau lagu kanak-kanak. Sebaliknya, ibu beliau akan menceritakan kisah tentang kehidupan kampung di Pulau Ubin, di mana beliau dibesarkan. Kisah-kisah itu dulunya 'agak menjengkelkan' pemuda yang berusia 22 tahun ini. Pada waktu itu, bel

Our People, Our Ubin: WUJ National Day Message 2019

Hi all, This post is dedicated to all Singaporeans as we unite together as one to not only just celebrate our nation's 54th birthday on August 9th, 2019, but also to celebrate Singapore's bicentennial year. Photo courtesy of Majulah Community What does it mean to be a patriotic Singaporean?  Is it through the colourful displays of red and white in our neighbourhoods followed by the blasting of evergreen National Day songs? Is it through the need to work hard in our jobs so that Singapore continues to be the best in everything in the world? Well, both of those are actually quite correct as how many Singaporeans might say. But as for me, I believe being a patriotic Singaporean means to look out for one another as a strong closely-knit community. Over the past year, anyone who have followed WUJ would have known that it has grown so far from just a personal blog filled with my reflections, findings and discoveries to a platform where everyone can contribute b

Calling All NUS Community! WUJ x NUS Day of Service 2019!

Hi all, I am very happy to announce that WUJ will be collaborating with the National University of Singapore (NUS) for their Day of Service this coming September! As a form of community outreach, participants would get the opportunity to engage with the residents of Pulau Ubin and dwell themselves to learn about the kampong's history, culture, traditions and community while giving back to the residents by lending them a helping hand in keeping the kampong beautiful through a kampong clean-up. This event is open to the entire NUS community including all students, staff and even alumni!  So if you happen to be a part of the NUS family, why not jio along your friends and family and join me on Pulau Ubin on September 7th, 2019 from 9 am - 1 pm? Register now right here ! You may find out more NUS DOS 2019 in the following excerpts taken from the NUS DOS website ! Registration for WUJ's usual monthly Kampong Clean-Up is still open for August to December s

STOMP: Fire breaks out at Pulau Ubin's fish farm accommodation

By: Caryn Tan (Aug 5th, 2019) Photo courtesy of STOMP Stomper Anonymous was fishing at Pulau Ubin on August 1 (Thursday) in the evening when he noticed a fire break out at a nearby fish farm’s accommodation area. He shared photos with Stomp of the fire that was raging with black smoke billowing from it. In response to a Stomp query, the Singapore Civil Defence Force said: “SCDF was alerted to a fire at a coastal fish farm in the waters of the north of Pulau Ubin on August 1 at about 6.55pm.  “The fire involved a fish farms’ accommodation area and was extinguished with a water monitor from SCDF’s rapid response fire vessel.  “There was no reported injuries and the cause of fire is under investigation.”  Photo courtesy of STOMP Source: Read more news articles in the " Ubin In The News " series! May Pulau Ubin thrive again, with its people i

WUJ Kampong Clean-Up Jul '19

Hi All, In my previous clean-up post , I mentioned how WUJ and Majulah Community are probably looking for a collaborative effort one fine day and so on July 27th, 2019 - that possibility became a reality! Photo courtesy of Majulah Community Over 18 volunteers joined Majulah Community as part of the Youth Corps Learning Festival organised by Youth Corps Singapore; where the objective of the festival was to allow our youths to develop into volunteers with the heart and skills, and be catalysts of positive social impact and agents of change. Majulah Community held a learning journey on Pulau Ubin as part of their support for the Youth Corp Learning Festival and have approached me to facilitate with them. The day began with Majulah Community leading their own bonding activities at Changi Point Ferry Terminal at around 8 a.m. before they headed onto the bumboats to make their way down to Ubin about 45 minutes later. Once on Ubin, they gathered at the Assembly Area and had