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ANNOUNCEMENT: WUJ wishes everyone a Happy Ubin Day 2020! WUJ launches "WUJ Wan Go Jalan? (Virtually)" in conjunction with Pesta Ubin 2020 and Ubin Day 2020 celebrations Play your part in fighting COVID-19: Be socially responsible, uphold strict personal hygiene and social distancing measures

New Year, New Ubin: My New Year 2019 Message

Hi All! In this post, I will be sharing with all of you my message for the new year where I would touch on my hopes,  dreams and mission for my late grandparents' island home in 2019. 2018 is now behind us and we are now entering into 2019 with new hopes, dreams and resolutions. However, one might often hear that even as we progress into the new year, there is one place in Singapore that still appears to be stuck in time. Pulau Ubin to many, is seen as a time capsule where we get to experience the time when Singapore was transitioning from self-governance and into independence. With the existing kampong houses, plantations and farms, one might simply believe a statement that claims that this was how Pulau Ubin had been since the 1960s, but I'm afraid it is not an accurate a statement as we hoped it to be. My mom who had spent nearly more than thirty years on Ubin, having been born there in 1959 before moving to mainland Singapore in 1989, had witnessed the hustle an

Wan's Ubin Journal 2018 Year-In-Review

Hi All! Before you even know it, we have come to the final days of 2018. For some of us, we would take this time to quickly scramble through our bucket list of new year's resolutions, while some might just even bring some of those resolutions on to the next year; just like how it had been brought forward since maybe 2010, hehe. Anyway, for most of us we would take this time to remember what we have done over the past year and here on Wan's Ubin Journal, I would like to dedicate this post to take a look back on the highlights that made 2018 a wonderful year for WUJ! My First Trip In Years 17 Mar The day that might have been fated for me. After so many years of not coming back to explore Pulau Ubin, that wish finally came true on March 17th, 2018. We had a mini cohesion within my brigade colleagues, sort of a getaway from the chaos of our office work and life - but little did I know that a desire to find something more was sparked from this very day. You

'Tis The Season To Be ... Giving Gifts to Ubin Residents

Hi All! It's been a long time coming since I wrote my next post but I am happy to finally find the time. As of now my wifi at home is still not working, so I figured that I will just blog again while using my phone. It's tedious but it's best to really share my thoughts as fresh as it gets! Christmas is just around the corner and on Saturday, December 22nd 2018, I was invited by my friends from Faith Community Baptist Church (Marine Parade) and members of the Singapore Boys' Brigade 86th Coy to head down together with them to Pulau Ubin for a Christmas celebration. If you've heard about the FCBC and BB before, that's mainly because I've been with them for a few events held on Ubin as well. You may read up on my adventures with these awesome people here . I was completely excited when I heard about this because I had never actually been invited to a Christmas party; what more than one on Ubin! So I eagerly awaited for the day to come as I cleared

WUJ Updates!

Hi All! My sincere apologies for the lack of updates on this blog, but please don't fret as I should be updating over here pretty often quite soon (especially since I'm going to ORD in 3 weeks' time)! I was away for an overseas trip to Japan, a week after my homecoming event on November 11th, 2018. But as soon as I got back to Singapore, my wifi at home had been facing lots of technical difficulties, thus the reason why I wasn't active that much on Blogger given the inconvenience I have in blogging through mobile and data. There's definitely a lot of things to catch up on to keep WUJ really up to date; so here's a list of what I owe you hahaha: 1. Jom Balik Kampong Halaman There had been so much hype about this homecoming event on WUJ, so I understand if some of you were or are upset over the lack of follow up pictures or videos of how the event went. One thing for sure, it was definitely a very fun-filled event and I definitely had loads of pho