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Pulau Ubin, The Island That Saved Pak Ahamad bin Kassim

*I only just found out that Pak Ahmad's actual name is spelled "Ahamad", as stated in his NRIC, so from here on out for accuracy of documentation, I shall now refer to him as Pak Ahamad bin Kassim. I paid a visit to Pak Ahamad at one of his children's home on mainland Singapore last Saturday (13 Feb). He had not been on the island during my many visits to Ubin in recent weeks, so I thought it was timely for me to meet him, much closer to home. We chatted for a while to catch up on the latest developments on Ubin, but more significantly, I wanted to strengthen my knowledge of Pak Ahamad's life on the island, and to properly document them in this blog post. In light of Total Defence Day, I feel that it is timely for me to share with you his stories of life on Ubin under Japanese Occupation. Pak Ahamad bin Kassim is a WWII survivor, and Pulau Ubin is the island that saved him. The youngest in the family of four brothers and three sisters, Pak Ahamad was only seven wh